Screen Capture

Hey guys, I figured out how to take screen captures of my iPod Touch (and consequently my iPad too). I guess I can join 2011 now, right?


3 thoughts on “Screen Capture

  1. Infinity Blade is my favorite game to play on my iPad. A close second is Karate Champ (an old arcade game I used to play as a kid).

    Peggle made me smile but I have to tell you, playing it on my old iPod video with the click wheel was perfect for Peggle. I don’t have it for my iPhone but I may have to pick it up.

    Oh yeah, and welcome! LOL


    • For Sara, and anyone else wondering: Hold the ‘Home’ button and press the lock or sleep button (whatever you want to call it). If you did it right, the screen will let you know. This works on all iOS devices.



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