The Birds and the Be…Birds


This is the bird feeder Dayle got me for my birthday. This thing is packing six perches and a tray plus a wire/mesh frame for extra bird-ability. What you see is the big sell for this feeder: a divider for the 10 pounds of seed it can hold. Being an analytics amateur, it was clear that an A/B test of different bird seeds needed to happen. Of course we are testing this stuff out as Hurricane Irene works her way up the East Coast – no test is perfect.

And then there’s this…


WordPress…just one more thing Droid Does.

One thought on “The Birds and the Be…Birds

  1. I love the A/B testing methodology used for the bird feeder. It is great to see others who live their lives always thinking like an analyst. At times I feel like a complete nerd, but you don’t know the truth until you test, analyze and test again! Can’t say I agree with the Droid though.



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