As Dayle and I continue this chapter of our lives together in the same home there are certainly our fair share of adjustments that have to be made or lessons learned. Don’t move the hairdryer (I learned that one sharing a bathroom with my sister for 10 years). That spot, right there on her foot tickles so be cautious when giving a foot massage. There’s no such thing as “too much broccoli.” She gets to adjust to my many character flaws – like my owning all of the Saw movies. There’s plenty to learn and re-learn, especially with diabetes.

Dayle switched over to insulin pens a few months ago after a bad stint with her insulin pump(s). She can elaborate on her own time but the punchline is that she’s on Novolog and Lantus pens. This means that the refrigerator is doubly packed with insulin. This also means that used insulin pen needles multiply faster than rabbits. Further more, we need to double up on the low-countering goodies.

Costco runs for peppermint patties and Caprisun will become routine. Glucose tab containers can be found in 4 different rooms. We have (at least) two distinct containers for used insulin pen needles. We have umpteen-million alcohol swabs (again, from Costco). Dexcom sensors occupy twice the real estate. Test strips are twice as likely to be found between couch cushions. It’s twice the diabetes at the cost of extreme happiness. I think it’s a good deal.

The plan is to get a mini-fridge up in the bedroom for insulin and emergency juice so we don’t have to go downstairs in a pinch. I know it’s not far, but I would feel a lot more comfortable knowing juice is only a few steps away instead of a few steps after the stairs.

If things ever get organized I’ll take a picture or two and show off our sweet organization skills.

PS. Have I mentioned how many books this woman has? Lots.

4 thoughts on “Adjusting

  1. Alcohol swabs, FTW! I love them. I hadn’t thought of looking for them at Costco though. I’m so going to see if our Costco has them next time we go. So happy for you two! (And cannot wait to visit again!)


  2. My insulin lives in a mini-fridge in our mud room and 99% percent of the time, that’s awesome. Except for that day when the mini fridge died and took my insulin with it. I would recommend putting some back up insulin in the main fridge as a safety measure!



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