Everywhere Else

In case the sidebar wasn’t enough of an indication, I spend my time in more than one social network. Whether I am stretching myself thin is certainly subject to debate but I think I’m doing a fair job of carving out distinct forms and functions for each of the platforms. With that introduction (and an hour and a half before my self imposed deadline for posting each day), here are a few posts I’ve published across the world wide web.

Over on the Tumblr blog I picked out a choice quote from a post about the new Department of Defense building that is going up right next to my job. This relocation will create umpteen million forms of havoc on traffic among other aspects of my getting to and from my job. Awesome.

My Google+ feed was the recipient of a picture and quick blurb about what happens when you wait too long to eat breakfast after bolusing for two poptarts. For what it’s worth, they were Brown Sugar Cinnamon.

Twitter saw a few links fly through its ecosystem. One about the Social Good Summit (Hi Dayle!), one about something called the Ultrabook (if you read it you’ll understand) and one from Kerri. You guys know her, right?

Finally, according to Lee Ann, I am the Brains of her Zombie Apocalypse Survival Team. I’m okay with that.

I realize that it’s a lot to follow if you choose to follow all of it. But that’s the joy of all of these social networks: you chose what you want to follow and what you don’t want to follow. It’s all opt-in. I just decided to opt-in to nearly everything.


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