It Begins


So begins my three month stint of buzzing and beeping at 180 mg/dL. My “in range” range looks a lot smaller now and I don’t know how I feel about that. It’s not like I was pitching no-hitters day in and day out before but now that achievement seems even more difficult to accomplish.

Also I got my bloodwork done too late for yesterday’s endocrinologist appointment so I get to wait for them to mail me a copy of my labwoek results.

Don’t hold your breath for those results. I’m sure the payoff will be less rewarding than the finale of “Lost”.

WordPress…just one more thing Droid Does.

2 thoughts on “It Begins

  1. Dude, I JUST lowered my range to 180, as well. It sucks, but when you are between the lines, that feeling is even sweeter. (Pun sort of intended, but not really, but I couldn’t think of another direction to take with it. /digression)


  2. You, sir, are a beast. (You, too, Kerri.) I’m still alarming at 190.

    The desire to have that CGM stop blaring every morning after breakfast really helped me figure out a few things. Now it’s time to fix the rest of it…



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