Off Color

I take pride in my ability to grow a full-connector. Because stubble is “in”, I can take a trimmer to my entire head and be done with hair maintanence in a matter of minutes. The only difficult spot is about an inch or two behind the top of my head.

True story: I decided to quickly cut my hair before going to my morning classes at Virginia Tech and missed this previously mentioned difficult spot. I didn’t realize my misstep for about 4 hours. Yikes.

I don’t consider myself a particularly vain person. I do what I can to keep myself looking not disgusting and when the situation calls for it I think I can clean up quite well (see: Sister’s Graduation). However, I found something disturbing one day looking at the bathroom mirror. Rather than bore you with text I took my turn at showing my lack of artistic ability with the lovely and standard-issue Microsoft Paint.

Here’s me.

I think this should be my new avatar - everywhere.

I think this should be my new avatar - everywhere.

Here’s the problem.

Is it Gray or Grey?

Is it Gray or Grey?

Since the discovery of this first offender a few days ago I’ve actually found a few others. Not cool, man. Not cool.

8 thoughts on “Off Color

  1. Kyle’s are WHITE WHITE WHITE. There’s no gray about it. I usually yank the ones I find on his head (usually above his ears) but now there are some in the back of his head, and he told me he’s found a couple in his stubbly beard when he doesn’t shave for, you know, four hours.

    I am SO SO SO glad I dye my hair because all this business is NOT COOL.



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