I’m on a Bike

Not a boat.

I Ride With Diabetes

I Ride With Diabetes

Yesterday I participated in the National Capital Tour de Cure (aka the Ride in Reston). I raised over $600 and rode 20 miles and the duck was there the whole time. I’ve commented before about the awesome-ness of this event and this year was no different. Seeing so many people – Red Riders (riders with diabetes), volunteers, other participants – show up in support of those impacted by this disease is pretty powerful. Riding in and out of Reston Town Center, I was accompanied by cheers and noise makers. People I will never meet cheering for me – what did I do to earn this?

Safety First

Safety First

All of the people that retweeted my donation asks. All of the people sending messages of support my way. All of the people who donated. Honestly, the build up to the event is more meaningful to me because it shows me how wide and expansive my support network is. I know I have a core group of people that I can lean on but seeing donations come in from people I barely talk to on Twitter or people I didn’t even know where listening on Facebook means the world to me.

So maybe next year I’ll actually step my game up and do more than 20 miles. I hear that 33-miler is cozy.

And speaking of awesome.



2 thoughts on “I’m on a Bike

  1. 33 should be reasonable. There were a number of folk on mountain bikes on our 30-mile ride (the longer rides tend to be “just us roadies” — I need to get back to at least the 50 — goal is to eventually be able to do the century).

    Last year when I was training for the 50 and averaging 30 miles on a Wednesday group ride, Matt Brooks of Team Type 1 said I should have no trouble with the 50. The hills were harder than I was able to manage, but I did muddle my way through it. The 30 was flatter, but my climbing was still really crappy (one reason for going the easier route this year).



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