Guilty As Charged

Every Wednesday night a Twitter Chat takes place featuring the diabetes online community and a topic du jour. I try to participate every week but sometimes other obligations get in the way. It happens. During these chats, our lovely moderator Cherise (@DiabetesSocMed) posts questions and the participants respond. Simply watching the responses pour in can be a bit overwhelming at times. Actually participating becomes an exercise in multitasking like you wouldn’t believe. Paying attention to the new questions, thinking of your answers, widdling your answer down to 135 characters (need space for “ #dsma“), responding to posted responses, retweeting the ones that resonate, keeping your Blunt Lancet mug filled with cold Diet Coke – this is the fastest hour on Twitter.

Then weirdos like me show up and completely derail the whole conversation.

Last night’s topic was ‘Diabetes Guilt’. It’s real, it affects everyone – people with and without diabetes. It’s a lingering sense of fear and doubt that clouds your judgement and takes away from the victories, big and small, that are the moments we cling to when days get rough. Diabetes guilt is a serious issue, and I’m glad we came together to talk about it. I’m glad people are opening up about it online, in person, and on the YouTubes (more on that later).


As is the case with me, a side comment can turn into a side conversation. And a side conversation can turn into something more. Something worse. And then something Awesome.

I’ll leave the rest to twitter posts. But for the record, Kerri started it 😉

Feel free to leave a comment with your favorite ‘Guilt-ified’ quote, slogan, catchphrase, metaphor or whatever. After all, it takes two to guilt.

5 thoughts on “Guilty As Charged

  1. I some how feel that getting there late makes me responsible for not participating fully in the derailing of #dsma. particularly when my lack of any semblance of an ability to spell words correctly could have contributed to the savage dismemberment and plethora of permutations to the word in question. I feel the giult gillt guillt some thing like that. All the best. LYMI.


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