The Weekend that Was

I can’t do the celebration justice, but I figure I can take a few to highlight some of the more stand-out moments from the weekend celebration. In case you didn’t see my post on Friday, my sister received her Masters from the University of Maryland.

  • The ‘party’ was scheduled to go from 2-6 on Saturday. Dayle and I were there from 10 to 10.
  • Family came from Las Vegas, Michigan, Ohio and New York.
  • Friends came from all over. Some longtime friends. Some I haven’t seen for a very long time. (Overheard from my mom at one point, “That’s why we sent those announcements. Not because we want you to send money, but because we want you to come and celebrate with us”)
  • My cousin got in to Michigan State’s Vet-Med School after 2 years of undergrad. His dad got in after 3.
  • Dayle and I made a cheesecake. Thanks to her suggestion for a water bath during the baking, there were no cracks. Cheesecake masters, that’s us.
  • My dad’s mom made turtle soup – a “Noble County Delicacy” – Dayle and I tried it…
  • Yes, the turtle soup was a direct play on the whole Maryland Terrapin, “Fear the Turtle” thing.
  • Pigs in a Blanket are an execellent party treat on so many levels: cheap, easy to prepare, no foreign ingredients, you become the most popular person at the party if you are walking around with them.
  • I got my sister an iPad (2nd gen, 16GB, wifi). That makes 3 for the family.
  • I was particularly proud of the card I found for her. The front said “Congrats Preschool Grad!”. It felt like an appropriate big brother thing to do. 🙂
  • Did I mention that I tried TURTLE SOUP?!
  • Seeing my parent’s fathers (my grandparents) take a moment to talk to each other away from the group was really special.
  • Not a surprise, but worth noting that everyone loved the kitchen.
  • We’re already planning to disrupt the ceremony when my sister gets her PhD. Plans include, but are not limited to: 30 people, each holding a letter to form a phrase, potentially doing the wave, air horns, vuvuzelas, dividing up the group to coordinate a chant from both sides of the stadium/arena. We have some time to plan this one out, but we’re going big.
  • The theme song of the entire weekend was ‘What’s Up With That?’
  • I’m super proud of my sister. She rules.

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