A Blogging Dilemma

Lately I’ve been feeling a bit conflicted about the purpose of this blog. Internally, I’ve never fully committed this blog to being strictly about diabetes. This thing is about me. Diabetes is a key component of the person I am, especially the person you are currently reading, possibly following on Twitter and hopefully listening to on Just Talking. But as is the case in all of these blogs, diabetes is not the only thing that defines who we are.

Diabetes does not define me, but it helps explain me. –Kerri

I’m not sure if there’s a point to all of this, but I have a few thoughts.

For whatever reason, I have been having a lot of fun queueing up posts to my Tumblr blog. While this slice of internet is a peek into what I’m thinking, feeling, or experiencing, Tumblr is becoming a place to share what I’m interested in. Sometimes I think the quotes and links to news stories or blog posts or random images reblogged by 1,500 other people are a better representation of who I am than this blog.

It sounds like I’m doing a disservice to the year and a half I’ve spent sharing my thoughts, opinions and emotions on this blog and I’m not saying you have no reason to come back here tomorrow, but this blog isn’t a complete representation of who I am.

Much like diabetes not painting the entire picture of Chris, this particular online conglomerate does not constitute the representation of who I am. Add up this blog, Tumblr, Twitter and my podcast and my digital self becomes a bit clearer. But that’s only in the digital arena. For all the time I spend blogging, podcasting, twittering, whatevering and whathaveyouing, that’s not everything there is to me.

I’ll be here tomorrow, and the day after. My concern is that the readers that have been around for a while have a level of expectation for the kind of content you’re getting. I don’t have a problem sparingly deviating from the norm, but I don’t think a complete transformation is feasible. There’s plenty to say, and plenty of places to say it.

I suppose I should just be glad I have 1. something to say…all the time and 2. sufficient opportunity and resources to say it.

(Trust me, I am.)

One thought on “A Blogging Dilemma

  1. Hey Chris
    Really enjoyed your post as I have your Just Talking podcasts.
    I think you touched on this “bloggers dilemma” in your latest JT episode with Kim and it particularly caught my interest there as well.
    As a “D” blogger I also find it hard to know exactly what content to include in my posts, given the expectations of the readership so I settle with the unhappy compromise of blogging about Diabetes and interacting on Twitter. Whilst most of those I interact with on Twitter are part of the DOC, I find it a better place to just be me…diabetes and ALL. That’s my story anyway…
    Keep up the great work



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