Default Digit

I’ve noticed that I default to testing my blood glucose on my left pinky. Most of the time I load up a test strip, set my Delica to ‘attack mode’ and prepare my left pinky for pain before realizing I have 9 other options at my disposal. Most of the time I move my lancing device to a different finger for the actual test, but most of the time I touch my pinky before moving to the eventual victim of my next test. It’s a weird habit whose origins I cannot pinpoint.

This brings me to the participation portion of today’s blog post.

Yesterday I asked Twitter (twice) for their their ‘default digit’ for testing blood glucose. The feedback was quite impressive.

Anyone else out there? What’s your Default Digit for testing your blood glucose?

13 thoughts on “Default Digit

  1. My left ring finger. I defaulted to it for so long, it started to look like a calloused piece of cheese cloth so now I try to rotate. But, like you, when I’m poised to fire the lancet, it’s always aimed at that finger and I have to consciously tell myself to find another victim!


  2. I don’t do index fingers or thumbs, and I can’t get any blood out of the other 3 fingers on my left hand because of calluses from playing guitar, so I only poke one of the 3 remaining fingers on my right hand. Among those 3, I don’t think I have a favorite, though.

    Seems like most of the tweets lean toward their left hands, and I wonder if there’s a correlation with handedness. It certainly helps that I’m a lefty that I go for the 3 fingers on my right hand exclusively!


  3. Left hand, pinky and ring finger. They are the easiest to get to the test strip. ๐Ÿ™‚ Also sometimes my right pinky if I’m feeling adventurous. I used to use my ring ring finger, but not as much lately. Need to get back into that. Give my left hand a vacation.


  4. Right middle finger. Funny I told someone at work I had to quit sticking the same finger all the time. It seems like I just automatically poke it. I am very left handed.


  5. I start on one hand and go through all the fingers, then transfer to the other hand and do the same. I use each finger twice (one test on each side) ….so far it works…


  6. I don’t seem to have a preference to any finger or thumb. I stick both of my hands and both sides of my fingers. I agree with the handedness correlation.



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