Bring Your Own Insulin

Part of the problem with ‘what it’s like’ living with diabetes is that most of the people you are talking to about this topic will likely never know first-hand what you are describing. It’s not their fault, and I don’t blame them. Describing the details of each finger test, repeated 6, 10 or more times a day; describing each site change (where applicable); describing each insulin injection; describing the fear, the anger, the rage, the dread, the pain, and even the joys – it’s all abstract. I don’t care if you have a Pulitzer, you will never be able to properly and completely describe what living with this disease is like to someone who hasn’t had to deal with it themselves.

Duck. Unicorn. Blunt Lancet.

It's Party Time!

This discrepancy in life experiences is part of the reason hanging out with another person with diabetes is so cool. They get it. They have felt the fear, anger, rage, dread, pain and even joys of living with this disease. While each person’s story is different, there are common threads of experience and understanding that bond us all. As previously stated, it’s really cool.

Now multiply that coolness by 15, add cupcakes, and a kind restaurant manager that let us hang out well past closing time and you’re ready for an awesome night.

Don't eat the duck!

Cupcake anyone?

As previously mentioned, the JDRF brought a bunch of cool people in to Washington D.C. to talk diabetes, community, and advocacy. (I’ll let the people that were actually involved fill you in on the details). Dayle and I coordinated post-#JDRFGovDay festivities at Chevy’s Fresh Mex featuring dessert from Georgetown Cupcake. The Duck, The Mug, and The Unicorn all made special guest appearances.

The best part about last night is that there’s no introduction. We’ve been following each other’s life stories online through Facebook, Twitter, blogs and even podcasts. We might be strangers on paper, but we are a family of strangers at heart.

Just Add Insulin

My Family of Strangers

If you missed the tweets, check out the posts tagged with #BYOI

My cup doth runneth empty

Desginated Duckie

P.S. Happy Birthday Dayle 🙂

2 thoughts on “Bring Your Own Insulin

  1. Thanks for the birthday wish and for helping organize everything. Thanks to everyone who was able to show up. So many inspirational people, and still so many others we all missed.

    Anyone coming to DC anytime: cupcakes on me! 🙂


  2. Thanks again for hosting this, Chris & Dayle. It was nice to meet you both and hang out with such a great group of folks. I hope the opportunity for another outing like this happens again soon!



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