Caption Needed

Thanks to our Presidents, I had a free day yesterday to try to replace a faucet, actually replace a medicine cabinet and finally finish up painting the two remaining bedrooms in my condo. The room below will be the computer-ish room. I’m envisioning an office of some sort, even though I don’t have a proper desktop computer any more. Regardless, I need a caption for this photo (see below).

Caption Needed...

It should be noted that this photo was taken as the paper towels were being held hostage by a certain photographer who shall remain nameless.

Anyway, best caption receives a cupcake or something of equal awesome.


3 thoughts on “Caption Needed

  1. “What do you mean footprints aren’t a good wall design? Cheaper than stencils!”

    No? No. I didn’t think so, either, but I’m sure someone can do better.

    (Photographer’s caption: “How much longer can I keep these paper towels hostage?”)



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