Mirrors and Escalation

The three-day weekend offered an opportunity to make some quick improvements in my condo. One of the tasks was a piece of cake, the other has quickly escalated into some serious shenanigans. First the good.

Dayle sent me on a 17-part treasure hunt through her apartment for Valentine’s Day that ended with a new medicine cabinet. Trust me, it’s super romantic. Installation was relatively painless. Remove some screws and pull. (Wow, that sounded dirty). Rather than bore you with step by step documentation (I assure you, installation was rather routine), here is a quick before and after.

Ugly Downstairs Mirror


After. Shiny.


Now to the escalation. I hate the faucet in this bathroom. Actually I hate the faucet, the vanity, the vanity top, the floor, and the lights. But replacing everything takes money, and more time and skill than I probably have. But just a little faucet? No problem. Of course, there was a huge problem – the size of the bathroom. After careful consideration, I believe the only way this bathroom was put into place was to put the faucet on the vanity top outside of the bathroom and then install everything around the pipes. The space between the bowl of the vanity top and the supply lines and then between the supply lines and the back wall is about half an inch. It’s a nightmare.

Unless anyone has Mr. Fantastic on speed dial, the only way to replace the faucet is to replace the entire vanity. But, this vanity is 35.something inches wide – of course this is not a standard dimension. My choices are then to invest in a pedestal sink or get a new vanity with a smaller width and offset the whole thing to one side of the sink area. Then there comes the floor. If I go with the pedestal sink, the plumbing would have to be modified, the back wall would have to be painted and at that point, I might as well look to upgrade the floor too.

Bottom line: this upgrade went from $30 to $300 in a hurry.

I have always envisioned upgrading this bathroom. Outside of a functioning toilet, there wasn’t much to like about this room. My problem is that all of this has to happen in one deft swoop instead of incrementally.

One thought on “Mirrors and Escalation

  1. Ahh, ’tis the nature of remodeling. A faucet replacement turns into a vanity replacement, or repainting cabinet doors turns into replacing all the sheet rock and cabinets entirely (been there). I shutter to think what our bathroom remodeling will turn into, cuz it’s coming.



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