My mom is really in to holidays. There’s a napkin holder by the couch in the family room with napkins for nearly every holiday on your calendar (and some not on your calendar). As soon as one holiday is done, flip through the stack and find the appropriate napkin for the occasion and you’re set. It would seem that this fascination with holiday decor has spilled outside of Herndon and is slowly spreading to Sterling.

Over the past few months, I have been greeted with a new doormat to my condo that is appropriately themed for the current or upcoming holiday season. A Smiley Face for my birthday, Halloween, Christmas and now St. Patrick’s Day? What? You didn’t know I was part Irish?

Because every home should be prepared for the holiday season.

From Mom.

Black Irish, of course. (I’m allowed to say that!)

Oh yea, today’s Valentine’s Day.

The tag line is priceless.

Also from Mom 🙂

Rather than drown you in mush, I’ll just say that I’m happy to spend the day with someone very special to me. I don’t need a reason to send flowers or hide a card somewhere, but that doesn’t mean I’m beyond cliché. (Apparently neither is she).



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