What It’s Like – Continued

This post is dedicated specifically to my readers without any direct connection to diabetes. I harp on ‘what it’s like’ because I think that that’s one of the big takeaways from this and every other diabetes-related blog out there. Because so much of this disease is internal, both literally and figuratively, it’s often hard to describe the day-to-day struggle that each of go through. I talk about testing 6-10 times a day, about the insulin injections, the blood tests, the hours spent fussing with insurance, the hours spent not sleeping because of a dangerously low blood glucose test and more because these are the stories that need to be shared. I share not because I want to bring anyone down, but because every bit of awareness helps.

Kerri (Happy Birthday!) had a quick post yesterday about PostSecret. While the post itself might have been quick and to the point, the discussion in the comment section continues to flourish and grow into something powerful.

Seriously, you should read these comments and get an idea of what Diabetes is really like.

Having read those comments, you are one step closer to understanding how important this community is to each of us. Your Diabetes May Vary, but the one constant is the need for support. That’s why we’re here for each other.


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