Daft Punk…Not Daft

I mentioned in my “review” of Tron Legacy that the soundtrack was pretty spectacular. I asked Santa for the soundtrack for Christmas and the jolly man came through. My first thought after uploading the soundtrack to my iPod was that of RIcky Bobby, “I wanna drive fast.” I’m sure most House music can do this to you, and I’m sure part of my desire for high speeds is born from the fact that this is the TRON soundtrack. TRON…Light Cycles…Vroom Vroom.

Side Note: I just started watching Top Gear (the BBC version). Fan-freaking-tastic.

Here are two of the tracks from the movie. If you can, play them one after the other. They were played literally back-to-back in the movie, and the transition is pretty awesome.

One thought on “Daft Punk…Not Daft

  1. I LOVE the Tron Legacy soundtrack – we took our 6 year old to see it at the IMAX and he can’t get over how cool it was. Totally worth the buckets of popcorn, injections and subsequent 2am hypoglycemia for him. He just wanted a treat and to be back at the movie theater.



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