Recap. Twenty Ten Style.

A great many awesome events occurred in my life this year. I suppose now would be the time to sit and think about everything that’s happened. Between a new home, new job, and a new girl, there’s a lot to be happy about. Diabetically speaking, I’m also quite pleased. My last A1C reached its lowest point since the I started to seriously care about all of this stuff, and despite the issues, I am slowly taking control of my health and the management of said health. Of course I could have accomplished all of that (health stuff) without some help from my trusty companions Bart Allen and Hal Jordan.

Oh, Hal Jordan? Yea, he joined Team Spartacus this year too.

I’ve touted the tremendous benefits of this device up and down this blog. While it’s not perfect, I can’t imagine my diabetes management without it. Having this thing feeds a weird form of data addiction I never knew I had.

I could go on, and I probably will as 2011 starts up, but I’d rather close with a moment of self-promotion. Can anyone tell me who this guy is and why he’s smiling so much?

Smile! (Full Disclosure, I work here)

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