Tick Tock

Christmas is almost here, then the race to 2011 really begins. At this rate, it will be a Christmas miracle if I get all of my shopping done and presents wrapped in time. So, here are a few quick nuggets to help maintain your blog-able consumption ratio.

I’ve renewed the domain for this blog for another year, so if you look forward to my nonsense each day…here’s to another 365.

I’ve also updated the look of my Tumblr blog. Funny, when I started that thing it was supposed to be a quick-thought cache. It’s slowly growing into a monster. Let me know what you think of the new look.

Following the web-motif, I’m back to debating self-hosting this blog again. The major pro of a self-hosted blog is you control everything – the major con is…you control everything. My biggest issue is I can’t quite quantify what I want to change about this blog that could only be accomplished through self-hosting. It would take some time, some money, and some serious investment in CSS literature, but the flexibility has always appealed to me. Chances are I’ll stay put, but even if I do switch things up, you wouldn’t notice any difference unless I told you.

Finally, a big thanks to those of you who come to this blog daily (or whenever) and a super big thanks to those of you who listen to my podcast. While I still consider this to be a hobby, it sure is a time-sink. As long as I’m happy, I’ll continue these efforts, but it’s nice to know someone else is getting something out of this madness too.

Be safe during the holidays.


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