Twelve Days of ‘betes

It’s time to have some fun. I’ve been thinking about the Twelve Days of Christmas and how none of the lyrics make any sense – Lords-a-leaping? – and naturally my mind took a left turn in to Pancreas-non-function-ville to try come up with a remix to the classic song. With some help from Dayle, we came up with an awesome version of the song everyone knows, but no one can fully recite.

You might notice a few of these include a second option. Since the choices were too awesome, I decided to leave all of them here and let the final choice rest in your hands, my eager-readers. Finally, because we had to pull a little linguistic jujitsu on some of these phrases, pronunciation guides are included where necessary.

For simplicity, I’m starting at 12 and working down to one. If you forgot how the original goes, here you go:

12 Drummers Drumming

11 Pipers Piping

10 Lords-a-Leaping

9 Ladies Dancing

8 Maids-a-Milking

7 Swans-a-Swimming

6 Geese-a-Laying

5 Golden Rings

4 Calling Birds

3 French Hens

2 Turtle Doves

(1) and a Partridge in a Pear Tree

My Turn!

12 Thousand D-Tweeps [or Bloggers Blogging]

11 Back-Up Devices

10 Pumps-a-Pumping

9 Lancets Poking

8 Strips-a-Testing

7 (Seven) Plus from DexCom

6 Pens Injecting [or Six Until Me] (sung as Six, Until Mee-eeee)

(5) #DSMA (silent hashtag, sung as Deee s m Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa)

4 Glucose Tabs (Raspberry please)

3 Diet Cokes

2 Unread Posts

And an A1C of 6.3

7 thoughts on “Twelve Days of ‘betes

  1. Hehehe, nice! I sang it out loud, you know, to test it out properly and I got a priceless look from my husband 😀 I was sorry to say I didn’t come up with it lol


  2. Can I take credit for the part of this that you created? You had to have inherited this talent from me. When I was in 7th grade back long , long ago, I rewrote lyrics of popular songs to support my candidate for the presidential election. Not buying it huh? Well, awesome job on your part (and Dayle’s) just the same.



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