This is Caleb

Last year I featured members of the Diabetes Online Community on my podcast specifically during the month of November in honor of American Diabetes Month. The tradition, if I can call it that, continues this year as I welcome Lorraine to my podcast. Lorraine’s son, Caleb, has type 1 diabetes (in case you missed it, that’s the connection). I wanted to get a different kind of perspective of diabetes on my podcast and I couldn’t think of a better person to have as a guest. Join us for an hour of fun, serious moments, and plenty of laughs.

November is American Diabetes Month. To do my part, I’m featuring members of the always-awesome Diabetes Online Community during November. Joining me this week is Lorraine, who is a mother of a child with type 1 diabetes. We talked about the impact of the Online Community on her ability to understand what her son goes through on a daily basis as well as how she helps manage her son’s diabetes. There’s also some time devoted to Nick Jonas, New Yankee Stadium, Jaime Oliver and accents.

Follow Lorraine on Twitter @Colcalli.

American Diabetes Month is a big deal. I’m hoping these podcasts will spread the word, one listener at a time. Enjoy.

Run Time – 1:02:49

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