Eight Years

Well it looks like I forgot to blog about something a few weeks ago.

I need to find a frame for this thing...

Granted, I have been extremely busy. Between the condo, podcast, shenanigans and other non-diabetes focused parts of my life, there is plenty to care about that doesn’t revolve around the fact that eight years ago my life changed forever.

I still remember parts of my life before diabetes. I remember Fruit Punch Hi-C. I remember regular Sprite. I remember my pockets being significantly less cumbersome. I remember the most complicated part about going to see the doctor was having to turn and cough.

There’s also plenty I don’t remember before my diagnosis. I don’t remember obsessing over nutrition labels. I don’t remember the importance of health insurance. I don’t remember the importance what an A1C was. I don’t remember checking my blood glucose up to 10 times a day.

It’s not that the date that I was diagnosed isn’t important to me. It is. But the day after my diagnosis is just as important. Yesterday was important. Tomorrow is important. Every day is important. As pivotal as my diagnosis was in shaping my life, there are plenty of other days that are just as if not more important. I don’t want to forget that.

PS. November is American Diabetes Month. It’s kind of a big deal. Pass it on.

3 thoughts on “Eight Years

  1. Each day is important – I like that.

    Is that a prescription pad? Is that a normal course of action to write a diagnosis like that on a prescription pad?

    You must be meticulous, because it looks like it’s in perfect condition.

    Happy diaversary, Chris. You have a wonderful attitude.



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