Unleash the Fury

Episode 50 was great, but 52 means a full year of podcasts. I didn’t think I had it in me, but I had some great guests to make the journey feel more like a sprint than a marathon. Joining me this week is Dayle. She’s part of the always-awesome Diabetes Online Community, loves Cookie Monster, the Washington Capitals and paper. Random? Yes. Relevant? Of course. Makes for a great podcast? You bet. (Believe it or not, I have been trying to get Dayle on my podcast for almost a full year, I guess I finally broke her down 😉 )

Just Talking – Episode 52: Unleash the Fury

I made it to Episode 52 – a full year of podcasts – aren’t you excited? Joining me this week is Dayle Kern. Part of Dayle’s twitter profile reads “all diabetes, all the time” and it shows in this podcast. But, as is the case will all my guests, there is more to us than the surface descriptors. We also spend some time talking about living in Japan, why the Cookie Monster is awesome, and what it means to “Unleash the Fury”. This was a fun one to record. Enjoy.

Follow Dayle on Twitter at @Dayle7.

Run Time – 1:05:08

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One thought on “Unleash the Fury

  1. *woot* I got a shout out! Yeah, I interpreted that “awkward moment” as, “OK, it must be really new and she doesn’t want to talk about it yet.” And what’s funny is we actually talked about how cool it is that Chris, another D-blogger also lives in the D.C. area. But the next time BOTH of you come to Huntsville, you must come see our renovated house and have dinner with us. =)

    Totally loved this! I really enjoyed getting to know more about Dayle. By the way, I was happy as a clam that Alabama lost. War Eagle! =D



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