Family of Strangers

You’ve heard and read about Team Ninjabetic, now it’s time to experience the full force in all of its podcast-y glory. I sat down with a bunch of personalities from the Diabetes Online Community to talk about the JDRF Walk, the after party, the after-after party, creepy Wal-Mart employees, lancing devices and a whole lot more. This podcast exemplifies what our community is all about – fun, laughs, family, and even more fun. 🙂

Just Talking – Episode 51: Family of Strangers

This past weekend I flew out to California to hang out with a bunch of people from the Diabetes Online Community. Of course I brought my microphone and laptop and I was fortunate enough to convince everyone that participated in that day’s JDRF Walk to come on my podcast. Episode 51 features a literal round table of Diabetes personalities recapping the weekend’s fun and a bunch of other random stories. This is the epitome of a casual conversation, all I had to do was press Record. Enjoy.

On this podcast:

Sara – @saraknic
Dayle – @Dayle7
Scott – @scottkjohnson
Lee Ann – @leeannthill
Suzanne – @suzanne_una
Melissa – @amalas
Jaimie – @jaimieh
George – @ninjabetic

Run Time – 1:07:01

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3 thoughts on “Family of Strangers

  1. I really need to watch my mouth. YIKES.

    Dude, this was so much fun. I listened last night and plan on listening again on my drive home. I miss each and every one of you. You made my weekend the best.


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