Shades of Blue (and Green)

And you thought I forgot about you. Nope, I just had a really busy day and then watched Million Dollar Baby. Seriously, that movie is intense. Well done, but intense. Alas, instead of another paragraph or 2 of rambling, I will leave you with this. With some help (thank you Dayle) I was able to get most of the painting done in the other two bedrooms. I still have to paint the ceilings and a single wall in each room, but that’s the easy part.

Two things. Aside from the paint, these rooms are still empty. I think I know which room will get the bed and which one gets the desk, but that’s still a separate battle I’m not ready to fight yet. Second, the lighting is pretty terrible in these pictures. Sorry.


Green-ish again


More Blue-ish

Now it’s just a matter of figuring out where I put my shorts so I can pack appropriately for California. It’s hot hot hot over there.

Also, Dayle noticed that the green-ish paint in the paint tray resembled the Droid mascot thing. As a result, the color of the paint I used is unofficially “Droid Green”.

Droid Does....paint?

Here is a reference image.

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