Operation Tiger Stripe

I have been in a “home improvement” slump for a few weeks. I suppose if you ignore the shelves I bought in the beginning of August and the whole hot water heater debacle, I haven’t really devoted more than an hour of any day to actually making my home my home since June. Motivation quickly evaporated after I got the essentials completed. I have a room to game and watch movies, my kitchen was complete and my bedroom is 95% complete – what more do I need? I suppose if you exclude hallways, the dining room, a few closets, two bedrooms, two bathrooms, the back patio and the main storage closet…I don’t have anything left to do.

To my credit, I had settled on the paint color – Tiger Stripe – for the dining room almost a month ago. I even bought the paint two weeks ago in an effort to jump start my Picasso-ness. Progress takes time. And so did the dining room.

Unfortunately I forgot to specify that the paint for the dining room include primer, which as I am about to document, makes a big difference as far as effort goes. The big issue with painting the dining room was that I had already put up 1 test coat of a failed orange and 2 coats of the shade I eventually selected. Having to go over all of that paint with a uniform color was going to take some time, especially without any kind of primer (included in the paint or separately).

You can see (below), after the second coat, where the test spots were on the walls.

Test spots on the right. It wasn't pretty.

After coat number three, test spots are almost completely gone and the shade is nearly where I wanted it (see below).

Almost there...stay on target...

After the final coat and putting everything back in place, I have a dining room worth eating in (see below).

Operation Tiger Stripe: Complete

Same room. Different Angle.

Regarding the ceiling, I used the same shade of “IKEA White” that I used in the kitchen, main room and bedroom. I’m comfortable with that shade of white and having at least one wall and the ceilings all the same color will be a nice piece of consistency throughout the condo. Especially since the rest of the colors are pretty much what I “felt like”, I figure the white can be the one constant.

Also, to whomever is responsible for those horizontal columns that probably provide no structural integrity and are not uniform and as a result require an all-terrain-vehicle-style paint roller and more patience than should be required to properly cover everything – You Suck.

More difficult than it looks...

At the end of the day, I got what I wanted. Naturally the impact of the white ceiling, the impact of direct sunlight and the up or down-ness of that window shade means my walls either look like Circus Circus or Pumpkin Pie but when it works, it really works. Which means that’s more room in my home that I can truly call my own.

I’ve already purchased paint for the bathrooms and other two bedrooms and I’m hoping to have those rooms painted and fume free by the end of next weekend. We shall see.

2 thoughts on “Operation Tiger Stripe

  1. Nice armpit shot! 🙂

    I moved this summer, shortly before I planned to paint my bedroom paneling purple. A bunch of college guys moved in to my old place. I bet they are glad I never got to that task – the only evidence was a very small square of test paint that was easily covered.



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