You know, I never got into horoscopes, astrology, signs, or any of that fortune telling stuff. It all seems like a big ball of hullaballo to me. But if any day calls for this nonsense, today is the most appropriate day to scour the Interwebs to show off what the stars and moons have to say about today, August 24.

From iGoogle (sourcing – “Today’s imaginative Pisces Full Moon opposes your Sun in no-nonsense Virgo. You know better than to immediately choose one side in an argument just because you have the facts in front of you. Unfortunately, there’s more to the current issue than simply playing by the rules, since you may need to make a few allowances for what isn’t yet apparent.”

Anyone have any idea what this means? Should I be packing heat if a Pisces Full Moon is going to oppose my Sun?

From (no, it wont be the same as above, hence why this is a bunch of garbage) – “We may feel quite spacey today when the Moon enters the boundless watery world of dreamy Pisces at 10:10 am EDT. However, we are unable to relax enough to just float along with the currents because the intuitive Pisces Full Moon at 1:04 pm opposes the rational Virgo Sun, making everything fair game for our critical analysis. Additionally, an expansive Sun-Jupiter quincunx complicates things by encouraging us to say yes before considering the options.”

But now I have more details about this Pisces Full Moon: intuitive and we will be dueling at 1:04pm (I hope that’s eastern).

From – “Try not to lose sight of your own projects or desires, Virgo. There’s a great deal of power and manipulative energy in the air today that could throw you off course if you aren’t careful. Have confidence in yourself and don’t back down if things get too confrontational. Take control of the car you’re driving instead of just coasting haphazardly down the hill.”

Ok, to the Pisces Full Moon that is trying to be intuitive and potentially manipulative today, please back off. It’s my birthday and I will be having none of that. To everyone else, have a nice day.

Make a wish...

Birthday Cupcakes for Everyone!

26…. 🙂

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