The Other Shoe

Have you read about the Diabetes No-hitter? You should probably check that out before you finish up with this post. Go ahead. I can wait.

You’re back? Awesome!

Quite frankly, the past 36ish hours have been quite remarkable on the Pancreatic Front. I swear I’ve been eating three meals a day. I even broke out a cookbook for a dish that featured foods I’ve never had before. I wont be auditioning for Top Chef any time soon, or ever, but at least I know that expanding my food horizons isn’t an impossible task.

If you want to know, those are Skullcandy Ink'd ear buds. I own 3 pair. They are fantastic.

Super close photos of stuff. Just one more thing Droid Does.

My big issue with this magnificent Dexcom line is that each passing hour builds suspense. I don’t believe its legitimacy and I am anticipating the moment that I fall off the wagon. It’s quite miserable actually, just sitting here waiting for the other shoe to drop as I watch my blood glucose continue to stay within range hour after hour. This is not fair. Only something as devious as diabetes can inject doubt and fear when I’m doing everything right.

Every time I come back to posts like this I can’t help but wonder where I would be both mentally and physically if I didn’t find the DOC. Granted, my education after I was diagnosed lasted about 2 hours and the rest was on-the-job training, but even if I knew the right questions to ask as I sat in my hospital bed I doubt anyone would have mentioned the mental strain diabetes can put on you. This thing is relentless.

And to keep with Holly’s no-hitter theme, let’s call this 24-hour line a 1 hit shutout.

2 thoughts on “The Other Shoe

  1. Maybe you are having a growth spurt. Hehe…it seems us D-moms rush to that answer whenever the numbers are drastically different than we think they should be. That perplexing…”What in the Heck??? Oh, must be a growth spurt.” That’s what I am sticking with anyhow.

    It’ll swing back your way(or in line, if you will), you know that by now.



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