IKEA, Tattoos, and Squirrels. Oh My

I had a grand plan to have my media stored on a shelving system that hid the mounting hardware. Along with my efforts to find paint that was “IKEA White”, I thought my master plan was infallible. Most plans are up until the point you try to execute them. In order to cover the length of my wall, I needed three of these shelves to form a single row across the wall with the hopes of showcasing where all my money has gone. I put up two full rows of Lack shelves and when I stood back to admire my work I could sense a huge disturbance in the force. Unfortunately, the shelves are not precise enough to form a continuous unit. Trying to put all three shelves together would require additional hardware to keep things level and flush. In doing that, it would negate the whole ‘invisible shelving’ look I was going for. So, on to Plan B.

I remembered looking at IKEA’s Expedit bookcases during a previous walkabout and specifically that the cases themselves are deep enough to hold two DVD cases from front to back. If I went this route, I knew I would be wasting some real estate within each space, but the overall look, if I could pull it off, had some serious potential. So, off to IKEA we went this past Saturday morning. Arriving just as they opened and leaving 15 minutes later, it was time to put on my Bob the Builder hat.

A tight squeeze in a Ford Escape. But we made it.

Hard at work. I swear.

Half way to glory.

Now where did I put my books?

I felt like this when I was done. #exhausted

The end result is 1 of these (5×5) and 3 of these (1×5). The order on the wall is 1 – 5 – 1 – 1 – Light.

OH YEA. My dad got a tattoo.

For the record I’m not against tattoos, I just never thought he would ever get one. When he told me he was actually going to go through with it, I wasn’t exactly Mr. Supportive. But after helping me unload my bookcases he drove off get tatted up. It goes all the way around his arm (no “quitter bands” for this guy) and honestly, it doesn’t look horrible. He’s turning 50 on September 2, so this is his way of celebrating a little early 🙂

Yup, that's my Dad.

4 thoughts on “IKEA, Tattoos, and Squirrels. Oh My

  1. I thought I spied Expedit on your Twitter. We have the 2×4 for Kiedis’ room, and I really want the 5×5 with the desk attachment for my craft room.

    Now that I sound like an 80 year old lady … YAY TATTOOS! My mom got one with me on my 18th birthday — she was 38. It’s still the only one she has, but she talks about getting more. And why not? More power to the tatted parents! Just remind him that he now has identifying marks lest he decide to do something illegal. 😉


  2. 1. Your dad is B.A. What does the chinese symbol in it mean?
    B. They do it to cool off in the shade, stretched out with as much body surface on the ground as possible (same reason dogs like tile floors in the summer).


  3. HAHA, tell your dad that it looks BA. My dad is turning 50 too, and doing things I never thought he’d do (read: buying a handgun and frequenting the shooting range – country boy at heart). WEIRD, I tell you, these mid-life crisis things.



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