(Podcast) The Ride of Your Life

It’s always fun to plan out these podcasts each week. I try to factor in what’s going on in my life as well as the communities that I am part of. With my completion of the local Tour de Cure ride, it felt natural to bring on another Red Rider to talk about all kinds of fun things. Lucky for me, I got in contact with the Red Rider. Anthony DiPalma, an ultracyclist, is my guest this week to round out my coverage.

Just Talking – Episode 36: The Ride of Your Life

This weekend I completed my ride in the local Tour de Cure event. With cycling on the brain, I welcome Anthony DiPalma on my podcast to talk about, among other topics, living and cycling with Diabetes. Ever wonder what the difference was between a $3000 and $6000 bicycle was? You’ll find out here. Ever wonder what watermelon glucose tabs taste like? You’ll find out about that here too. Enjoy.

Run Time – 1:11:31

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