Restless Nights

I do a lot of praising of Hal Jordan and the awesomeness of the Dexcom Seven Plus CGM. With my next endocrinologist appointment coming up in less than a week I’m looking forward to seeing this thing deliver on all the hype. I’m not expecting an alarmingly low A1c next Monday, but it would be nice to see that I actually know what I’m doing. But this system is not without its little quirks and annoyances. Even when it’s doing it’s job as designed, sometimes I just wish it would leave me alone.

#bgsleep. Awesome, but looks can be deceiving...

At a glance, this 6-hour overnight is pretty freakin’ sweet. Despite my attempts to find the perfect balance of Lantus at night, depending on my blood glucose when I go to sleep I have to negotiate an immediate correction to go with my sheep counting. Sometimes I get it right. Sometimes I am too aggressive. Other times I need a little more upmh with my overnights. But nights like this are almost perfect. Lantus keeps the baseline and everyone is happy. Wait, no, I misspoke. Almost everyone is happy.

If you look closely, the beginning of that 6-hour line is riiiiight along the low threshold I’ve setup. This means that I was walking a tightrope between sheep counting and Hal Jordan’s attention seeking for almost two hours. Even though the line didn’t take a turn for the worse, it didn’t seem to matter for Continuous Glucose Monitoringly-inclined. I can’t describe how awesome it feels to be woken up by a low alarm only to see “79” with an East arrow.

And you can’t ignore it either. Five minutes later this thing will start wailing for all to hear if you don’t acknowledge the alarm. After a couple of hours of teetering around 80 I decided to pop a peppermint patty to essentially shut it up. As you can see, I didn’t have a crazy spike or dip all night so I suppose all is well but even when I do things right it feels like I can never escape.

I took this picture Monday morning and ever since I’ve been thinking about potential solutions to this problem. Most of my nights are not spent at a steady 80 mg/dL so part of me thinks this is more fluke than trend, but if I’m trying to achieve tighter control with my blood glucose management then I might have to make some changes. Lowering my low alarm is one solution, but I’m a bit apprehensive to try that one out. As is, my reactions to low alarms from Hal Jordan are not exactly civilized. Mentally I’m getting better at not over treating lows but I don’t think that’s something that anyone can ever truly master. If my reactions still need improvement when my low alarm is set to 80, 70 does not seem like a very responsible choice.

Diabetically speaking, it’s among the many tweaks, thoughts, ideas, changes and possibilities I juggle each day. Right now I know that I’m doing more right than wrong so making an all-important decision right now isn’t essential but it’s something that will probably need to be settled in the near future. As always, my eager-readers, I will keep you posted.

Have a nice day.


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