The Ride of Your Life

I’m sure the hyperbolic-ness of my post title wasn’t necessary, but it got your attention didn’t it? Just a few short days until my Tour de Cure ride kicks off. Temperatures look to be in the ridiculous but it should be a great time. I’m looking to record my next episode of Just Talking shortly after my ride so there will be more meaningful impressions via mp3. And now, for the last time (on the blog) I will remind you that I’m still fundraising through the end of our ride. Our team, Spokes People, is in the Top 10 of Friends and Family but my team Captain has asked us to push for the Top 5. I think we can do it, but I need your help. – Enjoy your weekend, my eager-readers.

Forecast for Reston, VA. I'm already sweating...

2 thoughts on “The Ride of Your Life

  1. Good luck with the ride, Chris!! Have fun…and drink lots of water. Those temperatures sound, well, unpleasant (and terrify a Pacific Northwesterner like myself).

    I’m heading off on my first cycle camping adventure this weekend. 100km-ish round trip. So, we’ll both be pushing pedals this weekend (way better than pushing paper). I’ll try to blog about it. In the meantime, happy cycling!




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