Paper Trail

I finally took an hour or so to sit down and get some things organized. My first mortgage payment and condo association fees were paid on time and I’ve kept a growing pile of bills and other “save-me” documents but I have been pretty good about finding other things to do. Eventually that kind of procrastination will come back to really, really suck so sorting all of this out got bumped to the top of my priority list last night. There was a lot to go through. So, instead of ramble in paragraphs, I’m opting to take up less of your day by going through the rest of this post in bullet form.

Pew Pew Pew!!!

  • Liberty will be getting a check for the remainder of my entry into the Dexcom Revolution. Once my new insurance information is secured I get to start the process of renewing ALL of my prescriptions.
  • Comcast has been added to my Electronic BillPay through Wachovia. Why is it that banks have to advertise “Free Online Banking”? It’s the Internet, if you are charging your customers for using your online banking service, chances are you wont be in business for much longer.
    • Speaking of Comcast, I’m a big HD guy and I love my DVR…but it is entirely possible that I might be canceling my TV service with them in a few months. Nearly everything I watch is on Hulu or Netflix, my laptop can export via HDMI and I’m not die-hard enough about any single sports team to want to see live action. I’m going to see if this matters in the fall, but I could be a strictly Internet man in no time.
    • Also, my local Comcast office is located on Red Rum Drive. Seriously.
  • “it’s a very common practice for mortgage lenders to sell mortgages after they’re originated….as a result, your mortgage may transfer to a new owner several times, shortly after your mortgage closing and during the life of your mortgage” Thankfully, federal law requires that these guys at least pretend to keep me in the loop.
  • Speaking of insurance. I made a last-second change to my policy so I have to wait for updated insurance cards, but I can report that my FSA cards are very shiny.
  • Also joining the online fun – Electric. Car/Condo Insurance. Home Depot Credit. Dell Credit (because I’m a completionist).
  • I’m slowly organizing my receipts over the course of the last month or so. In part to see if I’ve spent my money wisely. In a smaller part to see where my money has gone. And in an even smaller part, because there’s a remote chance that all of these Home Depot receipts might turn into a $5000 shopping adventure. Don’t laugh at me, it could happen.

Other tidbits.

  • My sister’s birthday, Father’s day AND my parents’ wedding anniversary all occur within a week of each other. While they fight over June, I have claimed all of August for myself.
  • The local Safeway has Pepsi One AND Orbit Citrusmint. Win.
  • My next semi-major condo task is to replace a whole mess of light switches with new ones I purchased about two weeks ago. I’ll try to be thorough in my documentation with the hopes of making a semi-interesting blog post.
  • You, my eager-reader, are awesome.

So this really wasn’t the best use of bullets, but I made it to the end of the blog post. That has to count for something, right?

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