This is Really Happening

I moved my media and the majority of my clothing to my condo last night. After a solid grocery run after work today, I suppose I should start living there, right? I wonder if the reality of what is happening will ever hit me. This is my home. It just sounds weird saying it. It looks weird typing it. But whatever adulthood is, I’m one step closer to achieving it.

I don’t think the whirlwind of crazy is going to stop any time soon, but I’m hoping it will slow down some. I would like to have a day to just relax and not worry about anything. I’m starting to miss my gaming posts and my podcasting endeavors. I even remember a time, way back when, when I used to play video games. My mental checklist for things to do in my home is so long that video games are the last thing on my mind. It’s a miracle I watched the series finale of Lost when it aired.

So I might not be the media junkie I once was before this whole home-ownership thing started, but I’m not as upset about it as my words might suggest. I’ve always known there are more important things in life than video games, perhaps this journey that is 2010 has opened my eyes. With everything that has happened to me this year, I can’t seem to get this goofy smile off of my face.

But, I do miss my editorials, and I can step my game up on Post Game Report. I’m hoping to return to form next week on both fronts and find a routine again. This is of course while I’m simultaneously contemplating shades of orange for my dining area and how soon I can cut the back half of my open cabinets out. There’s always something to do. At least I know I will have a tough time getting bored.

OH YEA, and I have a bike ride in two weeks. I should probably do something about that.

2 thoughts on “This is Really Happening

  1. Hi Chris,

    Glad the new place is making you so happy (if, simultaneously, exhausted). I’m pretty sure a perpetual goofy smile is good for blood sugar readings =)




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