Axis of Awesome

Remember when I had that week off to take care of my condo? Can I have another week to just sleep? I am exhausted. All of my media is packed up, which is equal parts sad (considering how much there is) and exciting (because it’s one of the last steps). From what I can tell, a massive grocery run and moving my clothes are the last 2 items on my need-to-do list. I think this means I am still on target for moving out/in this weekend. Nothing to be afraid of. And this is about the extent of my writing capacity at the moment, but Dayle gave me the perfect video to take the place of my text. Eager readers, I give you the Axis of Awesome…

This video is particularly awesome if you enjoy singing to the 90s channel as you sit in traffic on your way to work, or IKEA, or lunch, or where ever. However I cannot confirm that I am one of those people.

One thought on “Axis of Awesome

  1. Um, I can confirm that you are one of those people. Or shall we not tell your “eager readers” about your extensive Color Me Badd lyric knowledge…? (Let’s just say it’s so bad, you really do need that extra “d”.)



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