I continue to cross off names of people that have made a big impact on my experiences in the Diabetes Online Community and this week is no different. Anyone who follows the community on twitter knows how awesome @Diabetic_Iz_Me is and what she means to our little family. From following her blog, I knew her husband was in the Army so I figured this was the best way I could show my appreciation to the military through my podcast. I had a great time talking with Cherise. You’re in for a good one.

Just Talking – Episode 33: SugaSheen

With Memorial Day fresh in my mind, I reached out to another member of the Diabetes Online Community who also has a connection to our Armed Forces. It’s like a two-fer, on one podcast. Cherise is well known throughout the online community for her engaging personality and I finally got the pleasure of having her on my podcast. On the diabetes front we talk about the adventures of pregnancy. On the military front, we talk about memorizing the military alphabet. On the life front, we discuss why you do not want to mess with Cherise’s mom. That’s a story you do not want to miss. Enjoy.

Run Time – 59:36

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2 thoughts on “SugaSheen

  1. Great podcast, Chris! Thanks for taking the time to talk with Cherise and share some awesome points. Will look forward to listening more often and hope the condo-moving and home establishment continues going well!



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