Tool Time – Weekend Recap

And how did you spend your 3-day weekend? Did you make two trips to IKEA in 24 hours because you mistakenly selected the wrong color chairs to match your table? Did you finally receive a bed and appliances? Did you throw away enough cardboard for a fort of epic proportions? I’m guessing you didn’t get to ALL of those things this weekend. To be clear, I’m not bragging about any of this. I’m just trying paint a picture so when I say “I’m exhausted”, you know it’s well justified. There’s lot to get to this week on the home-front. Some posts will be more detailed than others, but to start off the work week, I’ll go macro instead of micro.

Left: Chair. Right: Table. Does Not Compute!

Before. Angle One.

Before. Angle Two.

Wash, Boil, Heat, Dry, Bake.

As indicated, my appliances arrived Saturday morning. Installation of the washer, dryer and oven was part of the delivery which left the microwave for me and my dad to put up on the wall. Other than the triple checking of the measurements for the holes I drilled into the wall, the installation was not too difficult. A hole was already drilled from underneath the cabinet for the electrical cord to pass through and the rest of the hardware was already included with the unit. Just follow each instruction step-by-step…piece of cake.

It’s funny how things look differently once they are in place. I’ve measured the dimensions of the space for the washer and dryer a dozen times and I knew the pieces I ordered would fit but there was still a moment of doubt when I got my first look at exactly how big everything was. After we got the microwave in place I couldn’t believe that every door could open unobstructed. The kitchen is quite busy now, but I think this cleaner look is better for me. I’m the only one living here and if I’m ok with it then that’s enough for me.

Open Sesame

To open up the kitchen a bit I removed some of the cabinet doors facing the dining area. During that process, probably due to one of my many bouts with low blood glucose, I managed to strip a screw into oblivion. Oops. It was through this little speed bump I finally found use for a ratcheting screw driver and a square shaped bits. It’s amazing how the simplest tasks on paper can become rather complex due to something as simple and careless as a stripped screw. But the cabinet doors have been removed and there’s a lot of potential to make these cabinets much more interesting. I need to go on another paint run, but I think it’s going to work.

Sleepy Time.

My bed also arrived. Fears and apprehensions be damned, it was delivered and installed in a matter of minutes. My mattress is so. freaking. soft. Bedsheets and the duvet cover are from Bed, Bath and Beyond, the duvet itself came from IKEA. I opted for one of those combo duvets that can be combined in the colder months but can also be extremely light weight when needed. My bedroom is the hottest room (temperature wise) in the entire condo and even with additional AC and my fan running it still registers the most reaction on room thermometers.

Clothing goes here

Clothing bars have been installed, although I’m not sold on the bars themselves. The bars I bought were adjustable, but they are not spring-loaded so there isn’t any force against the walls and there is no locking mechanism once the desired length is reached. If the general use of clothing and hangars doesn’t have any effect on the clothing bars then this is the last time you will hear about it. If not, a full bar, cut to a custom length will be the next step up but I don’t think that will be necessary.

This was barely half of the bedroom floor.

After much fuss about finding a vacuum cleaner for Berber carpet, I finally got to clean the floors. Seeing this thing work and the amount of crap hidden in and on my carpet was both fascinating and disgusting at the same time. There are still plenty of rooms to tackle, but I feel a little bit better knowing I’m equipped for battle.

Movies, Games. And more.

And the shelves. I’ll be posting a more detailed walkthrough of the process, but the punchline is the shelving system worked as I had thought, but I might have miscalculated the number of rows needed for the media I already own. I’ll figure something out. At this point I’m just glad it worked.

Overall, this place is starting to feel like home.

It's where the heart Is

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