Three Day Weekend

My to-do list is still quite lengthy today so I’ll be brief. Lots of progress has been made on the home front: shelves, dressers, beds, appliances, cabinets, chairs and curtains. Oh my! Pictures will be coming later this week so you’ll have to settle for the stuff I’ve posted on Twitter. I can continue to confirm that home improvement is great for my blood glucose. With the exception of a few juice box breaks, this weekend has been spent mostly below 150 and spikes above 180 have been treated efficiently and effectively. Now to make this happen during the days that aren’t nearly as exciting.

(Assuming you come back) You’ll be reading and seeing the improvements and additions I’ve made over the past few days. So much that I know none of it could have been possible without all the help I have been getting over the past few days. Thank you :).

It’s amazing how something as simple as a putting a curtain on my window can be a “this is my home” moment. I look forward to sharing some of this with you.

I felt like putting up a video for Memorial Day to add a little flair to this post. This was the first video that came up when I searched YouTube for “America”. It’ll do. (Searching for “Soldier” returned a Destiny’s Child video first. That’s what I get for sorting by View Count.)

And in case you were wondering, I spent part of my morning experimenting with this website. Exciting stuff.

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