Tool Time – Bed, Bath, Not Beyond

I had originally planned to have my appliances and bed delivered during my week off. Home Depot failed to notify me that my washer and dryer were delayed until I actively sought information. Bummer. And now there’s a high chance that my bed will be delayed. From what the customer service person told and showed me, some people have been waiting almost two months for the same bed. I know I could be pounding sand right now since there’s still hope that everything could still arrive on Saturday. But I haven’t heard from Home Depot yet (27 March 2010, 11:30 pm) and with each passing minute I fear that I could be sleeping on the floor through most of the summer.

I had mentioned that my focus is shifting to making my home functional. One big key is the bathroom. My bathroom. In a perfect world the floor would be redone, the whole vanity would be replaced, the crappy mirror would get an upgrade, the lights above the mirror would be swapped for something not-falling-apart, the medicine cabinet would be ripped out for something not-cheap and the shower head would probably get upgraded. Maybe one day all of those things will happen, but that day is not today.

So I picked up two towels and a floor mat that will suffice until I settle on colors. I also bought a shower curtain and liner so, you know, I can bathe myself. I replaced the old, busted curtain rod that was already there with an adjustable one. Again, function is the key right now. I have time to make the entire bathroom what I want.

U-G-L-Y. You aint got no alabi

Just like new. Because it is.

Also, these shower curtain hooks came highly recommended. I hate to sound like I’m towing the company line, but if you’re in the market, give these a whirl. From what I can tell, you wont be disappointed.

And finally, I’ve finished painting my bedroom. Wait, no, that’s not true. I still have to paint my main closet “IKEA” white, but the heavy lifting is done. I’ll let the pictures do the rest of the talking. And yes, I know the edges aren’t clean. The painter’s tape decided to take some souvenirs when I was removing it. Cleaning that up is at the top of my to-do list.

Little must go


Not pretty


Just a corner. Nothing special...yet

I love that the fan was moving when I took this photo.

Enjoy the 3-day weekend. And try to take a moment to remember the real reason for this holiday – people much braver than me making the ultimate sacrifice so I can ramble in a stupid little blog. If you see a soldier this weekend – active, veteran, whatever – shake their hand and tell them thank you.

3 thoughts on “Tool Time – Bed, Bath, Not Beyond

  1. le sigh. you’re all grown up! *tear

    congrats on the work you’ve done so far, and still feel free to pick my preggo brain whenever you need an outside opinion. 🙂



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