With all that is going on in my life I decided to get this episode of Just Talking recorded a little earlier than normal. Hopefully this can become a trend, not a fluke. This week, Elizabeth makes her podcasting debut. It’s not every day that I have someone that returns multiple results from a search on We spend some time talking about what it’s like being a big deal in your local grocery store, evaluate the distractability of hummingbirds and the lengthy, yet rewarding experience of adopting her daughter. This was a fun one, be sure to let me know what you think of it.

Just Talking – Episode 32: Bestseller

John Grisham? Stephen King? I skip right over amateur hour this week and welcome Elizabeth to my humble podcast. We spend some time getting into her writing process and what it feels like to get your first book published. She also celebrated her very first Mother’s Day. Elizabeth was kind enough to break down the process leading up to the adoption of her daughter. There’s also the matter of her blog, written word wouldn’t do it justice so I let her explain the fun of her blog posts. She has quite the story to tell and it’s certainly one worth hearing. If you listen carefully, someone else makes their podcasting debut. Enjoy.

Run Time – 51:36

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