The Next Chapter

Pick your metaphor. I’ve heard that life can be a marathon, a box of chocolates, I’ve even heard that life is a highway. Right now my life is like a really long book and pages are being written at a frantic pace. And somehow it feels like all of this couldn’t be possible without this blog. Finding the DOC when I did, in the emotional and mental state I was in put me down a path of betterment that I would have never dreamed possible. From the mindless post that started on the first day of 2009 to the thousand word ramblings of an avid gamer, from seeing my friends in one of the happiest moments of their lives to being willing to chronicle some of my lowest moments for the reading pleasure of complete strangers – this blog has done so much for me. Who knew that my words would be found and appreciated enough to be featured on a gaming website that I love? Who knew that that opportunity would evolve into participating in and hosting a video game podcast? Who would have ever thought that I would find the desire to start my own podcast? And through all of the people I’ve met and the opportunities I’ve been presented with there’s still plenty more to my life’s story. It’s time to start writing the next chapter.

Starting Monday, May 24, 2010, I am an employee of the American Diabetes Association.

I applied for a position that seemed to fit me and my passions and after a little patience and some finger-crossing I have some new business cards to look forward to. As my eager-readers, all you need to know about my job is that I’ll be behind the scenes, and I’m really, really excited about this opportunity.

You might have noticed a lot of posts focusing on work done in my condo last week. Management gave me a week between leaving my previous job (I did give a full 2 weeks notice) and starting at the Association to do what must be done at home. Having that week off made a huge difference. I can’t imagine how hard this would have been without this free time. But enough buttering up, it’s time for some slightly more official comments.

This is the one, and only post you will see about my job. I had registered for Tour de Cure before I applied to work for at the Association and I still have a ways to go before reaching my goal, so that’s fair game. But work will stay as work, hopefully you understand and appreciate that there must be lines drawn.

As far as this blog goes, I will still be here. When I get back into the swing of things I will still be going crazy about a random video game topic of my choosing. Lows (and highs) still happen and if the moment grabs me I’ll be sure to comment on that. I’m still trying to figure out how to manage my Lantus appropriately, so you know that will continue. And of course, I’m still trying to set up my home – there must be pictures! However, I typically shy away from politics because I don’t think I’m educated enough to intelligently comment on things like that. It’s best that I continue to stay away from “issues” like that. It helps with the whole “Protect the Shield” mentality too.

You might notice a minor change to my podcast. In particular for the people that don’t visit my blog and may never read this post (or my updated About Page) I’ve added a disclaimer before the podcast’s intro. Moving forward you will hear it at the beginning of each podcast, regardless of my guest’s background to ensure there is no confusion.

Finally, about Roche. Yes, I was invited. Yes, I was super thrilled at the opportunity. And yes, I had entertained thoughts of a Live ‘Just Talking’ from Florida. But the rules have changed now that I’m working for the American Diabetes Association. So, I ultimately declined the invitation to attend the Social Media Summit. I did this on my own, before Roche could potentially identify a problem and before management at my job made the call. While I later confirmed with higher-ups that it was the right call, this was my choice, first, before anyone else had the opportunity to weigh in. Besides, I wouldn’t want to openly add drama to a situation that I’m sure doesn’t need any additional emotion. Awkward!

And let’s be honest here, I now have a sweet job that goes well with my mortgage payment. Not going to Roche isn’t the end of the world. Personally, I’d rather miss out on a one-day adventure with Roche than miss out on working for the Association. Do you remember the scene from ‘The Last Crusade’? I have chosen…wisely.

So there you go, I’m writing the next chapter of my life with a new condo and a new job to serve as my opening paragraph. I am so excited to have this opportunity. In my last few days at my old job people were asking me where I was going. Seeing their eyes light up when I said “American Diabetes Association” was beyond priceless. I’m sure part of it was envy because I’m “getting out” but I like to think it’s because it is an organization that is well known. People might not fully understand the differences between type 1 and type 2 diabetes, but they know about the American Diabetes Association. That name carries weight. I feel more important by association…with the Association. *rim shot* I couldn’t be more thrilled to be affiliated with an organization that works for a cause I deeply care about.

I’ve updated my About Page here, on Just Talking and on Twitter with the text below. I’ve also included a link to this line of text on my sidebar for people joining the conversation a little late. In case there was any doubt, let me state this clearly (and bolded for emphasis):

This is a personal blog. The views expressed here are mine alone and do not necessarily reflect the views of my employer.

Seriously, this is so freaking cool.

19 thoughts on “The Next Chapter

  1. Congrats Chris. I think this will suit your life style very well. I look forward to hearing the disclaimer in your podcast. It’s a very exciting time and I hope only the best for you. May the wind always be at your back and the ground rise to meet your feet.


  2. AWESOME NEWS!!!! While I’m very sorry I won’t have a chance to finally meet you at Roche (hospital stays and new jobs are working against us, dude), I’m really, really excited for you, your new digs, and your new job.

    Everything’s coming up Chris. πŸ™‚ Well-deserved – enjoy the ride!!!


  3. This is fantastic news! Well done Chris πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ I shall raise a glass to you later on!

    RE your lantus – I had a hell of a lot of problems with mine, it just wouldn’t work for me. So I switched to Levemir and have had no problems at all! Have you thought of a switch to something like that? (I dunno if its called Levemir in the US though? I heard it began with a D?)


  4. Very nice, man! Congrats, for sure!

    I’m a little bummed you won’t be at Roche, but I’ll be in DC in a couple of weeks, so maybe I’ll get my chance then. Which reminds me, I guess I better try to organize something…


  5. Very many congrats your way, Chris! Sounds like an awesome gig! Echoing those who’ve noted disappointment about not having the chance to meet in person this round, I’ll look forward to that chance some other time when the stars align and in the meantime will keep up on your blog, as always.


  6. So awesome man, congratulations! I hope the new job is rewarding and gives you everything you want out of it. I completely understand the desire to do something that “makes a difference”, and I’m glad this opportunity worked out for you.



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