Tool Time – Two Coats or Three

Technically I do not have a hard move-out date, but I’m still shooting for the first weekend in June. Bedroom furniture and (hopefully) my appliances will be showing up Saturday. I’ve scheduled my heat pump replacement for Wednesday, thankfully my dad (who works from home on Wednesdays) will be able to help me out with logistics on that one. As I slowly countdown the days until I start living in my home my to-do list has to shift from things I want to do to things I have to do. The bathroom isn’t what I want it to be right now, but I need it to be functional right now and I’ll make it what I want in time. Baby steps. It’s all about baby steps.

Being a Hokie, I knew maroon was going to be a color choice for at least one room in my home. I am still fixated on using it in my bathroom, but the bedroom will also be Hokie-fied too. My initial guess was that a solid two coats of paint would be required on every surface to get the appropriate color. After yesterday, it’s looking more like three coats is the minimum required. I’ll let you know how it goes in a few days.

Among the things on my need to do list include towels, bed stuff, glasses and bowls/plates. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but it needs to work. Bathing, eating, and not leaving my clothes on the floor seem like a good start to getting the necessities in order. The rest will come, and I’m sure my expenses will continue to be pretty ridiculous for the next month or so but I should be able to manage everything as long as I remember that this whole home ownership thing is a constant work in progress.

I promise there will be a post with the bedroom in its to-date completed state after I put everything together. There’s still some painting and miscellaneous items to gather and put together. Hopefully the wait will be worth it.


My great friend Bryan got married this weekend. He, Nate and I were the Three Amigos in high school. Bryan lived across the street from me and Nate around the corner from the both of us. Less than a year ago we got Stephen married, now Bryan. The wedding was beautiful, everyone had a great time and Bryan and Kristen have many happy years to look forward to together. Awesome stuff.

And yes, I caught the garter belt.

3 thoughts on “Tool Time – Two Coats or Three

  1. A maroon room – just say that you’re not using the orange, too?!
    Hokie fans are a whole ‘nother breed – and faithful fans. Heck, I still root for them and it’s been a gazillion years since I was in B’burg.


  2. The problem for me with home ownership, is that I want it all done now!! and I have a hard time with it wanting to be done, and hate giving up my weekends to do it.

    Ooohhhh and once you think you are close to completion it is time to start all over again.

    Good luck with your new home and hoping you survive the hard work with little or no bloodsugar lows.

    Hey do you get a lot of lows with MDI, I feel I get more lows on the pump than I ever did with MDI?



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