Tool Time – Work in Progress

I mentioned my successful trip to IKEA yesterday. There is a clarifying statement to that success though, I still do not have a tangible solution to the ridiculous count of disc-based media I own yet. I still have a vision of what I would like to happen, but evaluating the realistic options that are within my physical ability and more importantly, my budget, have slowed down progress on that front. Overall I’m not worried, I know I’ll figure something out but being the media snob that I am that item is pretty high on the “nice to have” checklist. But what about the “need to have” checklist?

Remember the laundry room/closet/cave and the custom-built storage system meant exclusively for the existing washer and dryer? Yea, I ripped that whole thing out. Ok, Dad helped, but the point is: it’s gone. Initially I was set on keeping the entire setup but just replacing the outside wall with something more stable. Once we got that wall off – which turned out to be some weird plastic sheet glued to a thin piece of wood – we took a few minutes to evaluate the situation. Dad was much more confident in our ability to put in a new wall while keeping all of the angles 90 degrees. But as he was explaining the proposed process of making it happen I was hearing a lot of “if’s”, and “maybe’s”. The plan had too many conditional statements for my liking and I opted to just rip the whole thing out.


Of course this meant taking down two layers of ugly, ugly wallpaper, ripping up the laminate floor occupying merely 6-square feet, and of course using my power drill. (By the way, aside from the condo itself, my power drill was one of the best investments I’ve made in a very long time. I love this thing.)

Awesome Floor

Lots and lots of glue. This passed as a wall?

Wide Open Spaces

As of this post’s publishing I, with the help of Dad, have patched the holes either created by or hidden by the laundry contraption. There’s still some sanding to do and I have to clean up the floor before it is replaced. I know it’s taboo to not post “complete” before and after pictures, but this is a work in progress and I can already see the dramatic difference not having that cheap closet makes for my tiny kitchen.

Of special note, you can clearly see where the previous owner screwed up their measurements laying down the floor in this picture. A nice straight line up until they realize the over and cabinet above it are an inch to the left.

Please walk this straight line...

That is part of the culprit responsible for slanted-ness of the cheap wall that met its timely end this weekend.

Here are two quick tidbits before I let you go:
  • I think I found a shade of what I’m calling “IKEA White” to go in the main (TV) room. The plan is to use it in the kitchen, where all of the work behind the washer/dryer/oven has occurred as a temporary solution, and potentially in my bedroom. That last one is still being noodled in my head. Assuming this shade of white works I’ll be making the big purchase this weekend and doing my best Monet impersonation early next week.
  • Basic furniture is a go. Bed and mattress will hopefully arrive this weekend. Love seat and chair will arrive next Wednesday. I’ve also made an appointment with Comcast (sadly no FiOS yet) for next week.

So there you go, lots of progress even though there’s still lots to do.

Thankfully I’m freaking out a lot less about all of this. I know that I don’t need to have everything figured out immediately but I’m not sure when I’m going to have this flexible of a schedule to solely focus on my home in the future so I’m trying to do as much as possible without burning out.
The next update will probably feature pictures of painted walls, a clean kitchen and organized furniture.
Just typing that made me smile.

Get Angry! lol

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