Open Sesame

Way back when I went on my first “tweetup” I met a lot of interesting people. You’ve heard from some of them, Dana Lewis and David Hale have been kind enough to share an hour of their day with me for the sake of my podcast. I haven’t had my fill of the DC #hcsm crowd yet, so I’m up for Round 3. One of the cool things about this week’s episode is that I knew I was going into this one with genuine questions I wanted to hear the answers to as a person, not just as a podcaster. I’m not sure if I will be able to have these types of learning experiences on every episode of Just Talking, but when I do I think it makes for a particularly interesting listen. Let me know what you think.

Just Talking – Episode 27: Open Sesame

This week I’ve called up another member of the DC Cupcake Brigade. Michelle Strah’s business card (@cyberslate) says “Manager, Information Systems at General Dynamics Information Technology”. While that might seem intense, (and believe me, it is) this means she is in the trenches with government’s move toward transparency and open data. Her work deals specifically with Veterans Affairs but the principles we discuss can be applied to the public and private sectors equally. There’s a lot of content to get to, but I learned a lot during this recording. Hopefully you will too. Enjoy.

PS. Just in case you were wondering: The thoughts and opinions expressed in this presentation are Michelle’s alone and are not representative, unless clearly and unequivocally stated, of those of any past, present, or future client or employer.

Run Time – 1:11:38

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