Arrested Development

I’ve been doing a lot of running around lately. I can’t really explain what is going on right now, but yea…busy, busy Chris. I think the busy times are helping me enjoy the more relaxing moments when they occur. Not exactly the means I’d like, but the ends are justified. Unfortunately (or fortunately if you like short blog posts) for you, that means I didn’t have the umph required for a well thought blog post. I have a lot of thoughts running around in my head, and I will capture them one at a time and try to figure out how to put them on paper (even if it’s virtual) in due time. For now, some quick thoughts.

I’m starting my training for Tour de Cure in earnest this week. Obviously I wont be riding 20 miles after a few days of work, but 2 months of consistent training should have me well prepared. As training picks up I plan to offer my thoughts, especially from the Diabetes angle. Now that I have Hal Jordan on my side, I have the tools I need to figure out what 20 miles will do to me. While I have your attention, if you have considered pulling the trigger on a donation to my ride, now is the time. Hop on over to my Tour de Cure page and help out a great cause. Thanks 🙂

I’ve been watching Arrested Development on Netflix Instant Watch. Simply put, this show is hilarious. I don’t know how or why I missed it, but wow. Seriously, if you like fun and funny, give this show a try.

I finally bought a real sharps container last week. It’s weird how something like that – while not trivial, is still something I consider rather mundane – can make me feel like a responsible Person with Diabetes. Is that just me?

Because my life doesn’t have enough awesome in it, I’m embarking on the monumental task of cataloging all of my disc-based media. DVDs, Blu-rays, Video Games, CDs…everything. There’s a chance I might try to flip my DVDs on eBay or Amazon with the hopes of acquiring the Blu-ray equivalent – because I’m a media snob like that. But first, I need to inventory everything. Maybe there will be a rainy day in the near future. Maybe.

Finally, I got this email yesterday (April 19). If you’re reading this part after Wednesday, April 21 2010 and you don’t live in the DC area you can skip these final sentences. Still here? Ok, cool.

This Wednesday is JDRF Night at Nationals Park. Click this link and purchase a ticket to see the Nationals engage in a battle of mediocrity with the Colorado Rockies. Sure, the Nats aren’t exactly the Yankees (or Red Sox if you prefer) but a portion of the ticket price goes to the JDRF (which is cool) and there should be a good gathering of people hanging out in the Outfield Reserved Section. Diabetes is optional.

One thought on “Arrested Development

  1. I always have trouble figuring out what to do with my FULL sharps containers. I think I can just throw them away (after they are closed and sealed), but something just seems wrong with doing that. I don’t know…

    So, yeah, I’ve got a few full ones around that I’m just not sure what to do with.


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