Roll Tide

I find the timing of this week’s guest on Just Talking a bit ironic given the political developments we’ve seen this weekend. It seems like everyone has healthcare reform on the brain. With that backdrop, Dana Lewis (@danamlewis) is my guest this week. She’s big into Diet Coke, Cupcakes, and using twitter to foster genuine conversation among a wide range of people. Come join the fun as I try to get her to break down this year’s BCS Championship game and expand upon the greatness that is “Hello Cupcake” and the origins of the #hcsm hashtag.

Just Talking – Episode 23: Roll Tide

This week I’m joined by cupcake savant, Dana Lewis to talk about Diet Coke, Cupcakes (of course), Alabama football, and of course the power of social media. She has found a way to leverage twitter into a weekly forum to discuss the prospects, impacts and importance of social media in health care. Who knew that 140 characters at a time could be so meaningful. Come for the #hcsm, but stay for the gluten free cupcakes. Enjoy.

Run Time – 51:39

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