Tour de Cure

Since I’ve started this blog I have made great strides to improve my health. I’m not at the gym 4 hours a day and I don’t always eat the healthiest food but 2008 was a LONG time ago. Everything isn’t perfect but I’m trying to make some kind of progress each day. A recent example of this progress is awareness. This might be my Diabetes, but there are millions directly affected by this disease. Surely there is more that I can do. (And don’t call me Shirley)

I registered for Tour de Cure. I could end this post right here and be on with my day but there’s a bit more to this.

Part of this is the challenge. Registering for the 20 mile ride, I know that this wont be a Tour de France type of ride, but I’m hoping that I will be pushing myself mentally and physically. It’s not that my current situation has me complacent or lazy, but I need a new goal. I need something to break me out of the monotony of rush hour traffic and not playing video games because I’m editing a podcast every other night. Now that I have a goal and a set-in-stone date to accomplish this goal I’m hoping that this will kick-start the competitive drive that I know still rests inside me. And since this is the first time I will be doing something like this, I know that procrastination is NOT an option. I have some serious work to do if I’m going to get in shape. But first things first…

I bought a new bike and helmet to help with the motivation factor. The last bike I had was over 12 years old so I figured this would be a good opportunity (and justification) to break out the credit card. There’s not much else to say about that except that bikes have changed over the past 12 years. I remember my old bike being a lot heavier. Or maybe that’s because I was 13 and everything was a lot heavier. Regardless, I guess I better get to riding.

Now to the important part(s). While I’m riding for me, I’m also riding for every other Person with Diabetes. Type 1. Type 2. Gestational. LADA. Whatever. For the people who haven’t been diagnosed yet. For the people who were diagnosed yesterday. This is bigger than me – and I need your help.

I’m including a link to my fund raising page with this and future posts. I’ve also added a permanent page on the header so anyone can find the information they need long after this post leaves the front page. I know we have this whole economic crisis thing to deal with and times are certainly tough for most of the country, if not the world. But if you can spare a few dollars for me and the American Diabetes Association I every person affected by Diabetes would appreciate it.

I hope to have updates leading up to June 20. If I can figure out how to keep things organized then the Tour de Cure page at the top will be a hub of sorts if you want to keep an eye on me.

If you would like to support my participation in the Tour de Cure, follow this link to my donation page. Thank you.

2 thoughts on “Tour de Cure

  1. Way to go, Chris! Bikes have really changed… I had to replace my ’81 Lotus Excelle last summer. Hoorah for Tour de Cure: I’m registered for the June 13 ride in Basking Ridge, NJ (I’ll be celebrating my 50th birthday there; The Other Half has challenged me to do the 50-mile loop. So far I’ve done 25 on the flat; Basking Ridge is anything but flat.)



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