Alert Day

I got an email from the American Diabetes Association that I wanted to pass along to you. This is one of those things that I think applies to everyone, regardless of your PWD status. Diabetes is a big deal, and people at risk that may not know it might need a little help. Tuesday March 23 is American Diabetes Association Alert Day.

Again, this is copied from an email to me from the ADA (hence the personal “your type 1 diabetes”)

Dear Christopher Snider,

We know you couldn’t prevent your type 1 diabetes, but if you could help someone prevent type 2 diabetes – what would you say? Could someone you love be at risk for type 2 diabetes? Now is the time to encourage them to find out.

Next Tuesday is American Diabetes Association Alert DaySM – a day when the American Diabetes Association® is asking, What will you do to Stop DiabetesSM? Know your risk.

We need your help to spread the word about Diabetes Alert Day. Share the Diabetes Risk Test with the people you care about, so they can learn their risk for developing type 2 diabetes. Please help your friends and loved ones make the choice you never had a chance to make by taking the Diabetes Risk Test.

Visit now to share the Diabetes Risk Test and find other ways become involved in the Stop Diabetes movement!

Thank you for your help.

[Me again] If you think you are at risk, it doesn’t hurt to do a little investigating. If you don’t think you’re at risk, it wouldn’t hurt to make sure. Give it a click.


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