Dodging Diabetes

I’ve got a lot of sweet things planned for the coming months beyond going up to Boston for a few days (9 days as of this post being published!). While I’m still finalizing the details of some other grand plans, I can talk about Dodging Diabetes right now. Because everyone loves dodgeball….right?

I’m participating in the 5th Annual Dodging Diabetes Dodgeball Tournament this weekend. From the website, “It is the 5th anniversary of Dodging Diabetes! Thanks to everyone who has supported us on this 5 year journey. Anna Tiedeman Irwin and Elizabeth Kramer founded Dodging Diabetes in 2005 to raise money to fight diabetes. Both Anna and Elizabeth have brothers who live with type I diabetes. All of the proceeds raised through Dodging Diabetes and the Charity Dodgeball Tournament go directly to the Joslin Diabetes Center, dedicated to conquering diabetes in ALL of its forms. We believe Joslin is the premier diabetes organization in the world and holds the most hope for treating, and ultimately curing diabetes. Since our first tournament in 2005, we’ve raised over $39,000. This year we hope you’ll join our efforts to meet this year’s goal of raising at least $10,000 to bring our 5-year total to over $50,000.”

Which brings me to the purpose of today’s post. I know it’s last minute, but if you have a few extra dollars to spare and would like to donate to a good cause, will you consider throwing them my way? Times are tough and there isn’t much time to consider donating. I apologize. But every penny helps.

As far as the dodgeball is concerned, I’ll be watching this video religiously until Saturday. Hopefully it will help.

Here’s a link to the donation page. Our team name is “Electric Dream Machine”. I’m told it’s a reference to It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. The team name I preferred wouldn’t really work when it came to asking for donations. This works. I’ll report on our team’s successes (or unlikely failures) next week.


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