There Will Be Cupcakes

Remember my adventures in Washington DC way back in November? Round 2 was this weekend. Cupcakes, food, twitter, and this time lots of rain. Last time I was quite nervous and when I checked, I had the lousy blood glucose to prove it. This time, I was smart enough to bring Bart Allen with me. Blood glucose wasn’t much better, but I still had fun. I met up with cupcake savants Dana and Dayle and we hit up a bunch of locations while trying to stay dry. Surprisingly, we were successful with that primary objective.

There was lunch at Founding Farmers. Fair warning: if you order oatmeal, expect a LOT. Also, if you order a Diet Coke, you get this:

technically....8 fluid ounces

The food was pretty good. Although I am skeptical of any place that offers Chicken and Waffles. But I’m told it’s quite money.

Also, there were books. Kramerbooks (also in Dupont) is the kind of place you could get lost in browsing books. Not as “corporate” as a Barnes and Noble or something like that, it kind of has that Independent Rock Band feel to it but the atmosphere is very inviting. It also helped that it was pouring outside, so there was extra motivation to look around. I almost picked up The Book of Basketball but I remembered that there was a lot of the day left and I didn’t want to carry around anything I didn’t need to considering the weather. There’s always for something like that.

And as the title indicates, there were cupcakes.  Hello Cupcake. As soon as we entered I saw “Cookies and Cream” and new the day was going to be a success. There’s not much else to say about that, the cupcake was fantastic. I have the blood glucose spike to prove it too.

Cookies and Cream = Game Over 🙂

After cupcakes we met up with some familiar faces from the first tweetup (that word is still kinda weird to say out loud) along with some new ones at Jaleo. It’s always fun to introduce yourself, then give your twitter name and see people light up. Oh! You’re iam_spartacus?!?! Good times were had by all, even if my blood glucose refused to fall below 200 the entire afternoon/night. So instead of complain about that, I will leave you with some happy thoughts…mainly Throop Cat. This guy is an Internet Celebrity. Shoutout to for hooking some of us up with the sangria. I am told it is fantastic.

I didn

too much sangria

So while I’m still not the most social butterfly, Saturday was a lot of fun. Meeting strangers is always an interesting adventure. At least this time I had met most of the people there so there was more of a “getting the band back together” feel about the evening. Good times.

Cupcake Bandits: Dayle, Dana, Me

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